Reddit as resource and promotional tool

Social media offers a vast array of promotional and resource options. Facebook and Twitter, to be sure. Rebel Mouse is both cool and entirely obscure. Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Google+, tumblr… yada yada bada bing. The list goes…

Some of these generate some traffic for my web pages. My Facebook profile and a few FB pages have proven the most consistent. Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon throw some hits here and there.

But my biggest days by far come through postings I’ve submitted to reddit, which often generates 10 times the traffic of my Facebook postings. More importantly, reddit provides a ready community of like-minded netizens interested in just about any topic you can imagine. It’s a great promotional tool, but also a great resource.

This is a useful introduction to reddit for all writers. Have a look at it before continuing on.:

Not only does reddit provide communities interested in reading (possibly purchasing) your short story, essay, poem or novel, you can also dive into researching just about any topic and know you can find a community of experts posting the information you’re looking for, and ready and willing to respond to questions you need answered. The trick, in either case, is finding just the right subreddit community, with just the right interest, and lots of people active in it.

Win-win, right? Well, just one caveat. Reddit was created to be a place of discussion and sharing found information. Using Reddit primarily to ‘share’ your own information is considered “spamming”, which is not only frowned upon, but will get you banned from further posting. Good “reddiquette” requires every self-promotional share, must be matched by nine shares from other sources. So, stay on the safe side of the 10% self, 90% others ratio and you’re fine.

That just means you get to boost your karma points while redditing the work of friends and colleagues. Like me!.

Here’s a couple good lists of particularly useful subreddits. Have fun!